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Details | How It's Used

TELL comprises a Screener, 2 Diagnostics, and 8 Progress Monitors. TELL is very flexible. You can use any combination or number of tests as appropriate for your ELL program and instructional practices. Following is just one example of how you could use TELL in a typical academic year:

  • Use the Screener to determine who qualifies for services and where to place them.
  • Administer the Diagnostic assessment at the beginning of the year to establish a baseline proficiency level for each learner.
  • After the first Diagnostic assessment, administer a Progress Monitor (up to 8 Progress Monitors) to get the information you need to inform instruction, create differentiated learning paths, and make adjustments as needed.
  • At the end of the year, use the second Diagnostic assessment to determine gains in language proficiency during or throughout the academic year.


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