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Pearson Test of English Language Learning (TELL) Honored as ISTE 2015 Best of Show

New Tablet-Based Assessment Recognized for Quality, Effectiveness, Ease of Use and Creative Use of Technology 


New York — July 8, 2015 — Pearson TELL (Test of English Language Learning) is a winner of Tech & Learning magazine’s ISTE 2015 Best of Show award. Making its debut last week at the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE®) annual conference and expo in Philadelphia, TELL is a tablet-based assessment developed to support schools as they ensure that the growing population of English language learners (ELLs) build English language skills and stay on track to meet today’s rigorous academic standards.

This is the second year that Tech & Learning honored great products at ISTE. The 52 winners were selected from products showcased by 550 exhibitors by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhibit hall floor during the conference. The judges evaluated areas such as quality and effectiveness, ease of use and creative use of technology to select the technologies that they believe will have the most impact in the classroom and deserve to be named Best of Show. TELL and the other winners will be featured in the August 2015 issue of the magazine.

TELL leverages reliable and accurate automated scoring technologies to give teachers quick access to the information they need to inform instruction, while also providing district leaders with the data they need to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

It is an interactive assessment experience. Students watch video clips, interact with pictures and words, answer questions out loud and in writing, provide summaries of text they read, respond to oral prompts, and engage with language in a variety of ways. They listen, write, read and speak in authentic contexts, just as they need to be able to do to achieve academically in English-only instruction settings. TELL screens, diagnoses and monitors each student’s progress throughout the school year.

With TELL, student responses—written and spoken—are automatically scored by Pearson’s automated scoring technologies, providing teachers with access to accurate results to inform instruction within minutes. Over the past 15 years, Pearson’s spoken and written language assessment technologies have scored millions of responses and are supported by research studies that demonstrate that they score as accurately as an expert human grader.

Fully scalable, TELL can be used with just one student at a time, a small to large group, or for whole-class administration at the school or district level.