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Details | Reports

With reports available in minutes, teachers will know early, quickly, and often where ELLs are in relation to proficiency levels, helping them make informed instructional decisions. Educators will also be able to accurately determine which students qualify for ELD programs. All reports can be exported into Excel and uploaded into a student information system. The online reports can be saved as a PDF and printed to place in student files or to be shared with students and family members. 

List Reports

View student results for each assessment in an interactive roster format that allows educators to quickly dive deeper for detailed information.


From the standard list view, educators can compare the results from two assessments to see score changes and filter the list in a number of ways, including by grade, groups or classes, gender, ethnicity, and number of years in ELL services.



Select any student’s domain score to see a performance description for that proficiency level, subskill scores within the domain, and the percentage of test questions the student answered.


Select a student name to view the individual’s test data as a graph that shows student progress and proficiency levels over time. Educators can also select any point on the graph to see the details of the student’s score for that assessment.

Aggregate Reports

TELL also provides aggregate reports that show a composite view of results for one assessment occasion, grouped according to your selected criteria. These high-level reports can be especially useful for school and district administrators.


Filter the report by schools, teachers, gender, grade, test type, etc., to see proficiency level bars and the percentage of students at each level.

Select any proficiency level to see the grade band, proficiency level descriptor, the test name (e.g., Diagnostic, Beginning Year), the number of students at this level, and the percentage of students at this level.