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Details | Scoring

Consecutive Score Scales

TELL provides highly efficient, consistent, and objective scoring on 4 foundational skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as various subskills. The subskills assessed vary by grade level.

Grade K

4 Subskills: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and fluency

Grades 1-2

7 Subskills: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, fluency, reading rate, pre-literacy, and reading comprehension

Grades 3-12

6 Subskills: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, fluency, reading rate, and expressiveness


Grade Band Score Scale
K 100-200
1-2 200-300
3-5 300-400
6-8 400-500
9-12 500-600

TELL scores are reported on consecutive scales, with overall, domain scores, and subskill scores all reported on the same scale corresponding with the grade band.


Level Proficiency
5 Advanced Proficiency
4 High Proficiency
3 Intermediate Proficiency
2 Basic Proficiency
1 Limited Proficiency

 All grade bands have 5 proficiency levels.